Susan Valentine Art Gallery and Studio

Jan 2011 to present
“Life begins at 40”

5 Years the words of my children’s art teacher was lying in the soil of my heart, blending with the talent that she saw in me. “Susan I see art in you”. Our last born finished her Grade 12. Only then I realized in the beginning of that new year in 2011 when I sat down to do my yearly collage …. “ME TIME”. I must create more “me time” as I am usually giving out as Entrepreneur, Owner of Guesthouse, Event Planner, Chef and single mother I seldom get time for “ME” and it brought me to a decision. I did not choose a once a week hair appointment, or to sit at a nail artists.

I impulsively selected an artist and yielded my undiscovered art talent to his Master’s Hand. There I started my education and art career. It blends perfectly with my Hospitality Career, letting the creative juices flow is what makes me tick. From creating out of nothing something beautiful (acrylic, Oil and Mixed Mediums).

Art is my way of life : Cooking, Gardening, Marketing, Living in it self is an art. It took ONE person to see ART in me, if she never said that how would I have known the world is as colourful as I paint it. In thoughts, Words and Action.

I open the doors of my heart, through the Door of African Silhouette and invite all to “inspire themselves through discovering “who they are and what they are capable of doing” Live Life in a stress free way. I am in this world but not of this world

Susan Valentine

Through dreams I got my vision, my business, through prayer it is established : By wisdom a house is build, by understanding it is established and by knowledge each room is filled with rare and precious treasures

Come for tea or creative time and be inspired